Join us at the 2019 Preserving Early Childhood Conference.

“Play is the Way!”
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Developmentally Appropriate Learning: Play is the Way!

March 12-14, Madison Concourse Hotel

CRECE Director Beth Graue will be presenting Playful Teaching, Playful Learning – How We Do It In Wisconsin!

Please join Beth and team at this interactive session to discuss play’s many benefits and teachers’ roles in play. Find out more about AnjiPlay and how local practitioners are creating playful learning opportunities in their classrooms and documenting students’ learning. Take time to discuss the joys and challenges of play pedagogy and glean research-based insights about culturally- and developmentally-responsive early math.

To learn more about the conference and break-out sessions, download the descriptive flyer. Also, check out the daily schedule and March 12 pre-conference tracks.

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Questions about the conference or registration? Contact Jennie Mauer at or 608-261-2137

This is the 16th year of this Early Childhood Collaborative Event sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.



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