We are working with the Madison Education Partnership (MEP) to explore the 4K-5K transition process in the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD).  In this in-depth study, we have  developed and implemented professional development with a sample of kindergarten teachers recruited to conduct home visits with their students during the summer before the start of kindergarten. Teachers conducted two visits during the summer with a randomly selected sample of eight students: one to provide an opportunity to learn about family and educational resources and a second to provide an overview of kindergarten. Home visits were supported by teacher reflection assignments completed post visit. During the kindergarten year, researchers conducted interviews with families, children, and teachers to explore their experiences in home visits and in the transition to kindergarten. We are also working with MEP, conducting observations in a sample of schools using transition tools designed to support the transition from 4K-5K, followed by interviews to elaborate understandings provided in observations.