In these one-minute sound bites CRECE Practitioner in Residence, Meredith Dodd, addresses five critical early education topics. Choose a question and reflect with Meredith on ways early education can be shaped to profoundly impact young lives.

  1. Early childhood has been so focused on literacy…What is it about early math that you find so compelling?
  2. Some people describe documentation as a potential teacher superpower. How would you describe documentation to someone who doesn’t know about it—and how can it make you a super teacher?
  3. What kinds of supports do you think early childhood educators need to do their work?
  4. You are known for your focus on helping children develop democratic dispositions – that’s a big job for little children! What drew you to that work and what are its most important attributes?
  5. If you could have anything in your classroom, what is your must-have?