Data & Pizza Workshop Series for UW-Madison Graduate Students

Led by CRECE Associate Director Amy Claessens, this workshop series is designed to help graduate students interested in early childhood education and related issues to tap into alreadygenerated data sets available to the public to answer pressing research and policy questions.  Graduate students studying issues related to early learning, development, wellbeing, and policy, will–

  • learn to link research questions to available datasets,
  • explore publicly available datasets, and
  • become more familiar with various analytical strategies.

April 23, 2019 Workshop

Early Childhood Longitudinal Study – Kindergarten (ECLSK) 1998 & 2010 Dataset

Presenters:  CRECE Associate Director Amy Cleassens and researcher Hyunwoo Yang

Resources highlighted at this workshop: Research References for ECSLK Workshop

ECLSK 2019 Powerpoint Presentation